It's time to take back your business!

Hey boss lady! I see you over there hustling. You're pouring your heart into your clients, attending tons of networking events and scrambling to post as much content as possible. And because you're doing #allthethings for #allthepeople, you're too busy working in your business to find time to work on your business.

You have big ideas you'd like to try... but how can you plan for them when you're already so busy?

You'd love to schedule out your content and your launches... but who has time for that?

You're ready to shift and scale... but you're not sure how to get started.

You've purchased online courses... but you haven't found time to finish them.

You've attended amazing conferences... but came home with information overload.

You've got the know-how — what you need is dedicated time to implement.


    • Finally plan out and launch your next big thing
    • Determine a realistic time line for your launch
    • Set actionable and attainable goals
    • Break down your niche, value ladder and pricing
    • Create a content plan to support your business
    • Set a budget based on actual expenses, not guestimates 

    All in just a couple days while being pampered by the pool or sitting beachside with a cocktail!

    Let Me Introduce You to the Bosscation Box...

    In simple terms, the Bosscation Box is a business retreat in a box. We provide the strategic planning guides and swag (in a box, of course); you provide the when and where. Our secret sauce is in the disconnection from digital media and the strategy guides. Go find an Airbnb, hotel, or favorite coffee shop to take your box to — or send the kids to Grandma's for the weekend — then turn off your WiFi and escape from your daily distractions. No kids. No notifications. Just you and your business... perhaps a margarita by the pool and a biz bestie or two. Something magical happens when you shut down your computer and put pen to paper. It's time to write it out and create an action plan that will get you results.


    “Writing is linked to improved creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills” — Alan Henry


    What people are saying:

    "I used my plane time to work on the Bosscation workbook. Honestly, I left a few pages undone, but that did not stop me from 1. writing my sales page on Wednesday and 2. making a sale on Friday. Yep. "

    – Deborah A. | Marketing Mentor & Business Coach

    Think Inside the Box


    It's time to plan out and launch that big idea you've been keeping in your pocket. No more excuses, let's hash out your exact target market, packaging & pricing, team & tech, timeline and content. Come home with an action plan and timeline that's ready to implement one step at a time, so you'll be ready to launch in a matter of weeks.

    • Launch Strategy Guide

    • Self-Care Items

    • Fun Swag & Office Supplies


    Are you a multipassionate entrepreneur who struggles to decide between ideas and aren't sure what path to take? You've tried juggling multiple businesses, but that just waters down your messaging and keeps you from focusing on ONE! It's time to find YOUR unique path to profit so you can turn your passion into a profession.

    • Path to Profit Strategy Guide

    • Self-Care Items

    • Fun Swag & Office Supplies


    You've got some ideas for blog posts and social media content, but you feel there's never enough time to plan ahead. Every week you open up your computer, stare at the screen and wonder, "what am I going to write today?" If that sounds like you, then you need the Bosscation Content Planning Box to help you outline and plan a cohesive, structured content plan.

    • Content Planning Strategy Guide

    • Self-Care Items

    • Fun Swag & Office Supplies



    What people are saying:

     Some people can't afford a coach or strategist, this is the next big thing!!

    —Makeda Newton | The Conference Connection

    It's time to treat yourself... like a boss!

    You need a break in order to serve your clients and family better. You also need to plan for your business in order to support its growth. So treat yourself to a Bosscation... and treat yourself like a boss by taking action.

    If you can't wait to get started, shoot me a message to discuss being a Beta tester!

    Meet the Boss

    Hey there, I'm Lauren Black!

    I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur that loves helping business owners reach their highest potential and purpose. My first business, Legacy Loft, provides brand strategy & design to entrepreneurs ready to shift & scale. I'm also the co-founder of Elevate & Cultivate, a community for design professionals.

    I came up with the Bosscation Box one day while brainstorming with pen and paper away from my computer. Several "aha" moments later, I knew I had to recreate this experience for other business owners who need to clarify their ideas, plan their content and find the structure to make it happen — away from their daily distractions, and in an enjoyable environment!