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It's time to take back your business!

Hustle. Grind. The words we see every day. The standard we can’t ever seem to live up to. And in pursuit of being the relentless entrepreneur who never quits while building our businesses -- we lose track of why we wanted to be entrepreneurs in the first place.

The freedom. The creativity. The joy.

Now here you are ...

  • Pouring your heart into your clients

  • Networking like a boss

  • Keeping up on social media

  • Leaving your business planning and freedom behind in the process

Not quite the dream you thought you were creating. And there doesn’t seem to be any time to focus on YOU and YOUR business goals.

It’s not that you don’t know how. It’s that you haven’t had the time.

But that’s about to change.


Introducing, Bosscation

A solo business retreat in a book for the busy entrepreneur who needs a couple of days to get strategic, focused, and refreshed in her business.


Imagine what your business would be like if you could …

  • Escape from the client work long enough to focus on YOU
  • Get ahead in your business planning, so you don't feel like you're drowning in your to-do list

  • Discover how to build a life and business you love

  • Find step-by-step instructions to plan out things like your next launch, your quarterly content or your big idea

All in just a couple days while being pampered by the pool or sitting beachside with a cocktail.

It’s possible with your own Bosscation.


Strategic Planning Guides

The Bosscation Strategic Planning Guides are in-depth workbooks to help you problem solve, organize your ideas, and create plans to implement what you know to grow more strategically. You get to choose the planner that will help you the most right now.

This workbook is like 70+ pages of seriously creative, challenging, brilliant questions and exercises to help you go through everything from clarifying who your ideal client is to drilling down on the purpose of your business and product, and from marketing tactics to planning out the specific steps to take to get you where you need to be. I can't say enough about how valuable this was — a real game changer for us in our biz! – Cami Williams, VAology

Ultimate Launch StrategIC PLANNING Guide

A comprehensive action plan for fine-tuning your ideas and creating a purposeful & profitable launch

Path To Purpose Strategic Planning Guide

The multi-passionate's guide to finding your focus and profiting from your passions.

Content That Converts Strategic Planning Guide

A goal-centered marketing plan to map out and create cohesive content for the entire quarter.

Launch Bonuses!



Bosscation box with swag and self-care items

Receive your strategy guide in style with a full Bosscation box. Get ready to work hard and play hard. The box includes cute office supplies like pencils and a notebook for strategizing. Then It also has items for relaxation and refreshment like snacks, tea, a bath bomb, and a cute wine stopper for your evening wine-down. 


Kickoff Coaching Session with Amanda Beilke

This 30-minute coaching session sets the stage for the exciting journey you are about to go on in your business! We will dig into who you are, what your intention is for your time with your Bosscation, and how to identify & silence your inner critic when it starts to creep in during this vulnerable, creative, & passion driven work. Last but not least, we’ll address other ways to make the most of your time during your mini retreat or staycation so you can come back rejuvenated with clarity for the direction of your business.

*Must be scheduled for on or before April 15.


Private Workshop with Lauren Black 

A private workshop for Bosscation action takers to help make sure you implement what you’ve mapped out and get encouragement from others working just as hard to build their businesses.

Join us on Google hangouts for a half-day intensive workshop with teaching sessions, work sessions, accountability check-ins and implementation.

*Workshop dates TBD

$87 + Free Shipping!

*Ships to USA residents only. All sales are final.


What People are Saying

We think our planners are pretty awesome, but don't just take our word for it! Here's what our clients have to say:


Cami Williams, VAology

The guide book was phenomenal! The content helped us explore, dive into, sort through, and discover more about our business and launch than we ever expected and it really felt like it helped us uplevel our entire offering and launch plan. Having such an in depth, organized resource to go through page by page was huge for us - we would have been lost and wasting so much time without it! We will reference and reuse this book throughout the months and years to come. The bonus is that it gave us an excuse to plan a much-needed getaway!! We would not have taken such quality time to focus on ourselves or our biz without the Bosscation experience, so THANK YOU!!


Lyndsey Johnson, Verity & Co

 The Ultimate Launch Strategic Planning Guide helped propel my idea into reality. At the time of taking my Bosscation, I had already formulated my offer and content and really just needed a hand getting all my ideas written down, organized, and a strategy planned out. This guide helped me do just that -- but I wish I would have had it sooner! Seriously, the content planning and marketing sections alone made this more than worthwhile for my upcoming launch! I LOVED the printed format and completing it by hand. I would never have potentially printed it out at home, so the pre-printed, mailed guide made it so much more fun and actionable. What makes it a "no-brainer" is that you get an ACTION plan for launching your next thing.


Alyssa Gordon, Alyssa Joy Co

If you've ever tried to launch anything (especially as a creative person) you know all those crazy ideas floating around your head need to be narrowed down, written down, added to a to do list and accomplished - that can be TOTALLY overwhelming! Bosscation's Ultimate Launch planner was a LIFESAVER for me! It helped me do just those things I said all in a beautiful guide that I could take away from the everyday digital distractions, sit down and concentrate on and iron out my launch plans! I am just a few weeks from launch and I couldn't be more excited and thankful for all Bosscation's help in making my launch what will hopefully be a booming success!

Introductory Price of $87 + Free Shipping!


Please note before purchasing: To keep the Bosscation strategy guides affordable, all purchases are non-refundable — I want to help as many business owners as possible grow strategically and find more freedom in their life. If your item is damaged or defective upon arrival, we'll be happy to replace it. We currently only ship within the United States.

Why Take a Bosscation?


Hey there! I'm Lauren Black, a creative strategist who helps entrepreneurs like you gain success with less stress. After overcoming burnout in myfirst business, I'm now dedicated to keeping entrepreneurs out of overwhelm and aligned with your purpose.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I found myself stretched in too many directions. I was busy running my first business, Legacy Loft, a brand strategy and design studio; and was also the co-founder of a community for design professionals called Elevate & Cultivate.

But building those businesses put me on the fast track to burnout. Suddenly I found myself working late into the night, not being present with friends or family, and still struggling to find time to get it all done — with no joy in sight.

So I took a weekend away from the computer with just a pen, paper and some dry erase markers. I found myself with ideas and clarity that I hadn’t had in months from one brainstorming session without the normal business day distraction. After several "aha" moments as I discovered my strengths, some holes in the marketplace, and the type of business that fits my personality the best, I knew I needed to recreate the experience for other business owners.

That’s when Bosscation was born — an offline experience to help you unplug and create your best ideas yet.



Need Extra Support?

Action Plan

One 60-minute strategy call for after you've taken your Bosscation, to ensure you're ready to take action with your launch.

Planning Intensive

One 3-hour call OR three 1-hour calls for after your Bosscation to ensure your ideas are clear and ready for implementation. The ultimate 1:1 accountability and support.

Strategize Together Mastermind

A 12-week group mastermind** where we'll brainstorm, provide insight and strategize together on a weekly call. Make new biz besties as you prep your next product or service for launch. Find accountability and support through a private Facebook group.


* Strategy calls must be scheduled to take place between January 3, 2018 and May 15, 2018.

** The mastermind will be scheduled to start in January or February of 2018.  We will meet weekly for an hour over Zoom video conferencing. The call day and time will be determined by the availability of the members, but will fall between 10am - 4pm EST.