30 Ways to Give Back in Your Business


In celebration of my 30th birthday, I wanted to share with you 30 ways to give back in your business!

But first, I must tell you about how I give back (because I’m too excited to keep it to myself).

Looking for the video on 30 ways to give back? Scroll down!

During my very first Bosscation — before I even coined the name — I was soul searching and digging in to what’s really important to me. I realized how much I love to serve and must incorporate that into my life and business, and that when I do serve, I need to be a part of the action to see first-hand that I’m making a difference.

I have a passion for helping teens, since they’re at a very critical age, and obviously love my work and business. So, when a friend of mine connected me with the Willow Project, I was so excited to get involved! The Willow Project provides at-risk teen girls with counseling, mentorship, career training and community service opportunities. The program teaches the students vocational skills so they have the chance for a bright future once they enter the “real world.”

I’ve been teaching the girls graphic design, which I love. However, so far, it’s just been by making mood boards and postcards with magazine cutouts… because the Willow Project doesn’t have computers for the students. So, in addition to teaching design, I want to raise money for some computers!!!

Will you help me reach my October goal of $500 by donating just $5? Together, we can make an impact in these girls’ lives!!

Also, as promised, here are 30 ways to add giving into your business:

1.     Be a mentor

2.     Donate a portion or percentage of your proceeds

3.     Offer a scholarship to your course/program/service

4.     Sell an item in which all of the proceeds to go towards charity

5.     If you have a team (and they’re local), sign up to volunteer together

6.     Dedicate a month to promoting a certain charity on social/newsletter

7.     For every __ you sell, you’ll donate __

8.     Do a joint giveaway with other business owners for those who make a donation

9.     Find a local high school or youth program to teach your skill to

10.  Offer your services for free or a discounted rate to non-profits

11.  Participate in a mission’s trip

12.  Sponsor someone to go on a mission’s trip

13.  Donate a prize for a local silent auction

14.  Host a paid webinar, but donate the money

15.  Donate your old computers, printers, cell phones, etc to a local charity

16.  If you have employees, start a swear jar that will be donated

17.  Go green with your business by recycling and making electronic payments

18.  Host a local workshop and donate the entrance fee

19.  Sponsor a charity event

20.  Set a goal that after every $__ you make, you’ll donate X

21.  Buy from other small businesses

22.  Rather than send physical holiday cards and gifts, make a donation in their honor

23.  Host a charity drive to collect clothing, school supplies, books, etc.

24.  Host a 50/50 raffle

25.  Beta test your new offer for cheap and donate the proceeds

26.   Add a checkbox on your website for people to donate a dollar with every purchase

27.  Keep track of your most engaged client/community members/etc. and let them pick a charity that you’ll donate to in their honor

28.  Host an Instagram silent auction

29.  Have extra inventory? Donate them to a charity!

30.  Support companies that give back

How do YOU like to give back in your business?

(Don’t forget to go donate to the Willow Project so we can provide the girls with computers to work on)!