5 Ways to Set (and Crush) Smarter Goals

Guest Post by Brittany May of Simple Happy Life


Everyone knows what goals are, but most don’t know how or even why you should be setting them for your business. Goals are a great way to keep you on track. Keep you motivated, but most importantly, goals make sure that we have a sense of direction. All the determination and motivation in the world won’t get you very far if you don’t have a clear vision of where you’re headed. By setting smarter goals you are essentially writing your own road map to success. Not to mention you’ll have a far greater chance of crushing them! Here are some key points to follow to make sure you are getting the most out of your goals to move your business forward. 

1: Prioritize & Focus

Focus is key. You want to use your goals as a guiding light to the main priorities in your business. Hone in on those key components that will really move your biz forward. Then get specific about it! Define exactly what you want to accomplish and exactly how you intend to do so. Your goals should never be left open ended, with you scratching your head how you will ever obtain them. The ‘how’ and the ‘why’ should be written right into your goal to set you up for success! After all, without an intended direction you’ll just be left wandering.

2: Measurable Milestones

In order to know if you’re on the right track or even half way there, goals should have definite values. Whether that be an exact dollar amount, number of clients or a percentage you’re wanting to reach. Vague goals like ‘make a lot more money’ ‘be successful’ or ‘get more clients’ will result in just as vague results. By having an exact point of reaching your goal defined you will be able to better track your progress, celebrate those steps towards victory and ultimately be more likely to achieve that desired end result. You will be able to track if you are staying on schedule and be more consistent with your weekly (and daily) efforts when you have solid numbers to go by! Consistency is key.

3: Work Backwards

What good is a goal that you can’t take action on? How do you do this? By making one that can be easily broken down into smaller, manageable chunks. These are the ones that will lead to success! Every solid business goal should have clear and concise actions that will help get you there. If you are wanting to build you social media following by X many followers, build in that how with it. “By…doing x, y and z”. These are the actionable steps that you can then map out backwards. So you know exactly what you have to do each week or each month in order to stay on track to success. This will get you to not only achieve your set goal, but will have you crushing it.  

4: Realistic but Reaching

A good goal is something you can achieve, but a great goal is one that makes you push extra hard in order to achieve it. You want to find that happy middle ground in between being realistic but still reaching. Anything that is too easy to obtain will not leave you feeling accomplished but instead complacent. And one that is too far out there is just setting yourself up for failure. So think BIG and push just a little outside of your comfort zone. You can do it! And most importantly at each milestone and little victory along the way be sure to celebrate. You earned it.

5: In a Timely Fashion

Time frames are so important when it comes to goal setting. Making sure to set real deadlines keeps us not only accountable but staying in motion. Adding this defined structure to your goals makes sure you avoid open ended milestones that just end up collecting dust and put on hold- for eternity. You want to pick a time that is short enough to keep up your momentum and excitement, but one long enough to give you enough space to actually do the work to achieve it. If you have a big long term goal, try picking out the halfway point to that desired result and making that your focus first. With a finish line that’s within the foreseeable future, you’re more likely to see results and stay motivated to keep going.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Like most things in business, we want to work smarter, not harder. That’s why learning how to set proper goals for not only you biz but your life is such a great tool to have. It gives us that drive, motivation and structure that we need to move everything forward in the most efficient and quickest way possible! We’re all too familiar with the New Year’s resolutions (you know, the ones everyone has abandoned by week five) but by implementing strong goal setting into your quarterly, monthly, even weekly habits is a sure way to lead to success.

Happy goal setting, Bosses!

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Brittany May is a business owner turned business coach for women entrepreneurs. After the trials, tribulations and success of running her own million dollar business she was left feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out. Through a shift in priorities (thanks to becoming a mom!) she realized the importance of working smarter not harder. So she streamlined her retail business from a chain of brick and mortar locations to solely online. Giving her the ability to work from anywhere and be in control of her schedule again. Now she helps other women follow their passions and build wildly successful businesses, all while living a life they love!

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