7 Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm in Your Business

Feeling stressed in your business? Trying to do #allthethings for #allthepeople around you?  Here are 7 steps you can take to break through from your overwhelm without sacrificing your success! Plus, grab our free business breakthrough guide to help you ditch the overwhelm! 

I used to be so overwhelmed with my business, that I didn't even know how to enjoy down time, because I never had any. I was stressed to the point of getting heart palpitations, and didn't know how to break free. I felt I was drowning in work, and didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

If that sounds familiar, know that there's hope! You can overcome the overwhelm! But trying "harder" doing the same things you're doing isn't going to cut it. 

You need to make a change, and make it NOW — before you burn out! 

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How did I even end up here?

When we think of running our own business, we dream of the freedom we'll have. That freedom can be stripped from us if we're not intentional with our businesses. The problem is, we're wearing too many hats. We have so much on our plate, we often don't know where to start, and it keeps us from being productive. We don't have the capacity for any more clients, but we're not making enough to get by. We have ideas on how to scale our business, but no time to plan it out.

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How can I break free?

1. Complete a task audit

Evaluate where your time and effort is going, so you can be sure you're working on the most important tasks and things that are giving you a return on your [time] investment. Use a time tracker like Toggl or Harvest to track how you're spending your time. See what can be cut out, delegated to a team member, or put off for a later time. Some things that you think are critical (*ahem — posting to Instagram 5x a day and interacting on Facebook all day long), may not be what's driving your business forward. By focusing your effort on a few key tasks, rather than spreading yourself thin, you'll scale your business a lot faster and stronger!

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Next, learn how to make more for less effort — which can be done a few ways!

2. Add Passive Income!

Diversifying your income — and adding something passive — will allow you to make money in your sleep, for minimal efforts once it's in place! This could be in the form of an ebook, evergreen course, template shop, product shop, etc. Set it up once and let it run itself! If your business is a 1:1, money for time business model, you definitely should look into adding some passive income!

3. Sell more to your current audience

Why spend tons of hours marketing to new clients when you could sell more to your existing clients?! They already know, like and trust you. Think of ways to meet their needs in other ways. If you're a designer, try adding ongoing retainer design work. If you do 1:1 coaching, add a group program! If you have all group programs, add a high-level 1:1 option. Ask your current clients what they need and want, so you're sure to create something that'll sell.

4. Run a Marketing Campaign

This may sound like it contradicts #3 of selling to former clients, but running a marketing campaign can be a great way to land new clients that are old followers! Trying to target a new/cold audience with ads probably won't get you too far. But creating a hyped-up, fun campaign to your followers can turn window-shoppers into buyers! Perhaps some of your followers have been sucking up all of your free content, a webinar, challenge or promotional event could seal the deal for them! Don't be afraid to go big and theme it around something like a holiday, your business anniversary, Boss's Day, your birthday, etc. Pro tip: Add a giveaway component to your marketing campaign to help it go viral and gain more interest!

5. Raise your prices

I once had a long-term client that I was so scared to tell I was raising my prices. I'd raised them for all of my new clients, but was afraid of losing her. Once I sent the email, she wrote back “congratulations”! I think she realized my value and was proud of me for stepping into it. I don’t know why I was so scared! Sure, you may lose some clients (and I'm NOT saying to jump from $1000 packages to $5000 in one month), but that'll just free up your time for building out passive income, a new offer or a marketing campaign.

6. Set up systems

Use Dubsado to automate your onboarding, ConvertKit to automate your email campaigns, Calendly to automate your scheduling, and Later.com to batch and schedule your social media, etc! There are thousands of programs like these out there to help you stay organized and efficient... and many of them have free options for the base package! You can also create email templates for any canned responses you find you're sending over and over again. Better yet, set up an FAQ page to direct your audience to, so they find the answers before even having to message you! 

7. Hire a team

I know this sounds counterintuitive when you’re struggling to make enough money as-is. However, when you start hiring things out, you’ll free up your time to work on things that only you can do, or to create those other streams of income we’re talking about. I tried avoiding this one in the past, and it lead me down the quick path to burnout! I also know I'm not as strong or fast as the experts, so hiring out tasks will get them done better, which will lead to faster growth. Find a way to make it happen, whether that's through a trade of service, cutting back on other expenses, or signing one more client each month! 

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The key is to make time for working on these things. If you fill your schedule to the max, you’ll never have time to work on new offerings, search for the perfect team member or implement systems.

And if you need help determining what you should be hiring out, what you can cut back on, and how you can proceed without the overwhelm, I really encourage you to download my free business breakthrough guide!