Always Planning and Never Implementing? How to Get Unstuck!

So you’ve got this great idea, and you’re planning it… and planning it… and planning it. But you never take action! If this is you, here's how to break free...

Stuck in the planning phase for your ideas or business? It's time to get unstuck, take action, and start implementing! Here are the steps to take so that you finally take your plan and make it happen! Entrepreneurs can be overwhelmed with decisions, projects and long to-do lists that keep you from creating and finalizing your programs, courses and new services. Stop waiting until everything is perfect... it's time to get started!

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I couldn't wait to buy a house so I could throw an epic housewarming party! When we finally were closing on a house, I had all of the details planned out in my head... party theme, invitation design, guest list, food and drinks. Yet, when we finally closed, I never threw the party! What happened? 

  • I procrastinated and didn't make time for taking action
  • I never set a date, so there was nothing keeping me accountable
  • I wanted my house to be perfect before inviting people in

When it comes to business, there are a lot of things that can keep us stuck in the planning phase and never taking action. But, unlike a housewarming party, there are consequences to never implementing. When you continually plan, plan, plan, you waste a lot of time that could be spent actually working on the project; and by never launching, you're missing out so much potential income!

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A business friend of mine had been procrastinating on adding a tripwire to her sales funnel for 8 months. She finally implemented a $13 tripwire and has started to bring in an extra $1500 a month from it! She missed out on $12,000 over the last 8 months by not implementing!!!


Here are the main reasons you get stuck in the planning phase...


You don’t make time to work on it… you try to fit it in between other projects

You need to decide what's a priority. If my friend had known exactly how much passive income she could've been bringing in every month by adding a tripwire, I'm sure she would've taken care of it much sooner. Instead, she prioritized other things that took up her time.

Rather than trying to fit in this project between other tasks, set aside intentional time on your calendar. My favorite way is to take a Bosscation — a few days away from your daily distractions to focus and plan! That way, you can gain momentum and really get through the implementation.


You have lots of ideas, but haven’t decided between them

Perhaps you have a ton of ideas, but can't decide the best one to move forward with, so you semi plan out all of them... or don't plan out any of them! You need to make a decision on who you're building it for, or what exactly you're offering, and move forward so you don't get stuck for months. Build out your foundation. Decide what you’re offering, who you’re offering it to, how you’ll be delivering it, etc. Don’t forget about pricing and marketing.

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You're overwhelmed by all of the to-do’s and aren’t sure what to work on first

When you have too many things on your to-do list, it can be easiest to just freeze up and never get started. Map out the major, highest priority tasks. Then break those down into bite-sized pieces that are easy to tackle. That way you can make traction and feel like you're actually accomplishing things.

An example for creating a webinar: decide on a topic, outline script, write script, write slides, design slides, design promo graphics, write marketing emails


You don’t set a public deadline to keep you accountable

If I had sent out the invitations for my housewarming party, I would've been forced to take action with the food, drinks, and decorations. So often, business owners never set a date because they're afraid of not being ready in time. However, by setting a deadline, you'll then have an incentive to get things done and will learn how to prioritize your tasks.

 Look over your to-do list to determine how long you’ll need before launching. Add an extra week or two in there as wiggle room and then… here’s the scary part… publicly announce your date!

Let me know in the comments below what you're looking to launch, and when, so I can keep you accountable!


Feeling overwhelmed? No longer love what you do? 

Let me guess, you have more on your to-do list than can be accomplished each week. You're juggling #allthethings and are completely overwhelmed.

It's time to audit your task list, team, strengths and goals so you can strategically determine what you should be dedicating your time towards. 

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