Make More Money by Saying NO to These 5 Things!


I am such a YES girl... I never want to let people down or turn people away. But what I didn't realize, is that by saying yes to the wrong things, I was saying NO to more money!!!

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Here are the things you need to say NO to, in order to make more money:

1. Say NO to working with life-draining clients

When I was running my design business full time, I'd say yes to almost every client who came my way, even when I knew they'd be a nightmare client. I'd dread doing the work, which would cause me to drag things out or procrastinate on projects. I wasn't as efficient with my time for those clients (and often had to throw in tons of extra revisions to please them), which prevented me from taking on more clients.

When you love the people you work with, you'll enjoy it more and will be able to focus on the project a lot more. This will free up your time for more clients or for more time for building out sales funnels, marketing or passive income. So say NO to life-draining clients, so you can say YES to energy-giving clients!

2. Say NO to a feast or famine cycle

Don't fill your schedule up to the point that you have no more time to work on your business. When you spend all of your time and energy on your clients, not only will you risk burning out, but you'll never get ahead in your business and could end up in a feast or famine cycle. You need time to market yourself, organize your files and finances, plan new ideas, etc. If you're too busy with client work to do any of that, you'll find yourself frantically searching for new clients once the current ones have ended.

3. Say NO to booking yourself up (rather than out)

When you learn to book yourself OUT instead of filling your schedule UP, you'll be seen as a hot commodity and will be able to charge more. Clients who may have been on the fence about hiring you will then see that they may not be able to hire you for several months, and will be eager to book you. Scarcity is a huge influencer for encouraging people to purchase. Plus, by freeing up your time and not booking every client that comes your way, you'll be able to pick and choose who you want to work with, so you don't find yourself accepting those un-ideal clients from #1.

4. Say NO to doing everything yourself!

I completely burned myself out in my design business, when I didn't follow these steps. For Bosscation, I'm doing things different. By hiring out what I dread doing, aren't good at doing and don't have time for, I'm able to focus my attention on the most important tasks for me. I'm also no longer stressed and have my nights and weekends back (when I feel like it... sometimes, I really do just enjoy working). As a solopreneur, I was a strugglepreneur, but my team has allowed me to grow my business in a healthy way, and much more strategic!

If you're struggling to get by in your business, hiring a team might seem like the last thing you should do. But imaging all you could do with the extra time on your hands to develop your business? You will either have time to take on more clients for yourself, or if you hire people to do some of the client work, you can bring on more clients for your whole team to work on. Or if you'd prefer to develop a new service offering, you'll now have time to work on that (helloooooo, passive income that you've been dying to create for months)! 

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