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Burnt Out By Social Media? Read This

Guest Post by: Brit Kolo, Marketing Coach of

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Social media flicks its flame into every part of our lives.

Social media is a great tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners, but your activity could lead to burnout. Avoid burning out from social media by following these tips.
  • Scrolling through your Instagram feed whenever a webpage doesn’t load immediately.
  • Getting sucked into a Facebook Group conversation that takes up half your day.
  • Watching a bunch of Instagram Stories as you sip your morning coffee.
  • Double tapping this.
  • Double tapping that.
  • Posting your own content and then checking in every twenty minutes to see how it’s doing.

I know, I know. I do it too sometimes.

And I’m certainly not the first to say we’re no longer consuming content on social media - it’s consuming us.

The “problem” of social media is not new news.

In fact, I don’t believe social media is a “problem” at all.

The problem here is, as ambitious entrepreneurs, our activity on social media can lead us to burnout faster than ever before.

Oh dang, she just said the B word.

Yes, burnout. Social media fuels our journey to burnout in sneaky little ways, accumulating over time, guiding us right into the trap of waking up one morning and being totally convinced we can’t possibly do one more thing in our business without bursting into flames.

But we can avoid this. That’s the good news.

We can avoid burnout fueled by social media, first by understanding how it manages to wipe us out, and second by changing our perspective on social media as a whole.

Here’s how social media fuels our journey to burnout:

  1. Our emotions are hijacked every few minutes by whatever we happen to see on social media as we scroll.
  2. As ambitious entrepreneurs, we then spend our already-limited time and energy creating content for social media that will *hopefully* get us more followers and engage our current audiences.

Hijacked emotions + Striving to create the perfect posts = Stress

Enough stress over time = Burnout

Avoid social media burnout by following these tips.

Ahh and there it is.

So as I mentioned earlier, we can avoid all of this.

Not by just swearing off social media. That’s just not going to happen for more than a day or two at most.

Instead, I propose shifting our perspective about social media to make it a more intentional, fulfilling place to be.

Here’s how you can avoid social media burnout:

First, do a “Joy Audit” on your current social media feeds.

Take twenty minutes right now to scroll through the social media feeds you spend the most time in and unfollow any account that doesn’t immediate spark a sense of JOY in you.

To take it a step further, schedule a 20-minute block to do a Joy Audit every month for the next few months so you can be sure you’re intentionally creating a joyful space for yourself whenever you do log in to social media.

Second, embrace the fact that to GET engagement on your social media posts, you must GIVE engagement first.

Chris Emmer of Sweaty Wisdom has termed this “Social Karma” and there’s no better name for it.

Social Karma.
What you throw out into the world is going to come right back your way.
What you put into Instagram, you’ll get out.
What you put into Facebook, you’ll get out.
What you put into your email list, you’ll get out.

So if you want if you want greater engagement – follows, likes, comments, AND QUALIFIED LEADS – you must first go GIVE that engagement to others.

For instance, Instagram.
Comments are GOLD on Instagram. We know they boost our relevancy within the IG algorithm. So typically, the more comments we get on our posts, the faster our account grows. Want comments? Go spend time commenting on others’ posts.

And Instagram Stories.
When other users click to your profile, DM you, or answer a poll from your Instagram Story, Instagram boosts your relevancy and shows your story to more people. Want people DM’ing you and answering your polls? Go watch others’ stories and begin conversations there.

How about Facebook Groups?
You want people to be more engaged in your Facebook Group? Go be engaged in others’ Facebook Groups.

Again, it’s all about shifting your perspective on social media so it no longer leads to burnout.

Intentionally create a joyful social media experience by completing a Joy Audit and then consciously embrace the concept of Social Karma by living it out. By giving first, receiving second.

Now, the task is simple. I give you permission to go spend twenty minutes on Instagram - the first ten doing a Joy Audit and the second ten engaging with others’ posts.

Comment below to let us know how those twenty minutes felt for you!


Brit Kolo, Founder of JAM Marketing Group, is a Marketing Coach for creative, big-dreaming entrepreneurs, yearning for meaningful growth in their businesses. Through her intuitive, in-depth coaching process, she’s here to shake up your approach to marketing and inspire you to grow your business in a feel-good, meaningful way. When she’s not hopping on a Zoom call with a coaching client, she’s sipping chugging dark roast, podcasting in her yoga pants, and supporting her circle of fellow female entrepreneurs.

How to Run Your Business without Letting It Run You
Feel like your business runs you, rather than you running your business? Here are some steps you can take to regain control, and avoid burnout. 

I was finally my own boss, full time! I said goodbye to my coworkers and spent the next two weeks journaling on the beach, reading and relaxing. I wanted to start the new year — and my now full-time business — with a fresh start. Being your own boss is amazing, I said to myself.

I calculated that I’d only need to work 20 hours a week on paid projects to match my former corporate salary. Not too bad, I thought, I’ll spend the rest of my time at the pool, fixing up the house, working on some passion projects, and I’ll finally have my nights and weekends back!

Miscalculated Expectations

The clients didn’t pour in like I’d imagined and I discovered that running a business was a lot more time consuming — and expensive — than expected. I was as slow as molasses at writing blog posts, but pressured myself into posting once a week… there goes 8 hours. And of course, building a social media presence was of utmost importance, so I was posting to Instagram 3x a day and tweeting incessantly… another 5 hours a week. Then there were Facebook groups! I was constantly on the lookout for posts about design so I could share my expertise and pitch myself to those seeking a designer (and of course, “network”)... another 15 hours a week. Yikes! More than half of my designated "work hours" were spent on blogging and on social media!

Since I was new to having a full-time business, I was thirsty for learning. I’d jump on every free webinar that crossed my newsfeed and snatch up people’s lead magnets like a stealthy hyena. I’d binge read business books on the weekends and listen to podcasts as I cleaned and exercised.

More Client = More Work Hours

Eventually, my client list grew, and my time was filled with inquiries, proposals, contracts, invoices and managing finances — whew! It’s no wonder my nights and weekends started to get away from me. Those 20 hours a week I needed for client projects seemed minuscule compared to the 50 hours a week I was spending in my business!

Aaaaaaand... burnout

As you can probably imagine (and have perhaps experienced yourself), keeping up with this day after day was exhausting! I may have been good at design, but had no idea how to run an actual business. All of those business books and webinars weren’t enough to keep me on track — or perhaps I was reading the wrong ones. Who needs to learn about funnels before you learn how to manage your schedule?! I was on the fast track to a burnout, and only a year into my business was ready to be done.

There are so many things I could’ve done different to run my business, rather than letting it run me.

Here are some ways you can avoid these pitfalls


It’s so important to set these in place before your clients, customers, family and yourself get into a routine of expectations. I didn’t have boundaries for my communication and would be in my inbox 24-hours a day (besides when I’m sleeping, of course). I also took on rush projects day in and day out, causing me to drop everything else to work late and finish on time. I never set limits for my work hours, so I never felt the pressure to get things done in a timely manner, or prioritize my to-do list effectively.

Time Management

As my good friend Kathryn Hofer of Modern Planner always says, time management isn’t about time. Time is a limited resource, so we must learn how to prioritize our tasks within those 24 hours we're all given each day. Some things just aren’t important… others can be delegated. And finding a schedule that maximizes your productivity is key!


Rather than taking on any and everyone who’s willing to throw money your way, even when you know it’s not a good fit for your expertise, you should hone in on your strengths. You’ll work much faster and will deliver higher quality of work, which will leave your clients in awe and turn them into raving referral engines. You’ll have more confidence in yourself and will avoid the frustrations of a project you can’t get just right.


Recognizing your value, and charging accordingly, will help you land the right clients. If you’re constantly bending and lowering your prices, you’ll end up bitter and frustrated, and your clients won’t appreciate your craft. Your time is valuable, your skills are valuable, your background that got you to where you are is valuable… lean into that! Taking on half as many clients at twice the rate is much less stressful!


Having systems and workflows in place can save so much time and frustration. No need to reinvent the wheel with every email, client inquiry, contract, etc. It feels like a daunting task to set these up, but once they’re in place, you’ll be much better off. You can spend less time on admin work, and more time doing what you love.


If your business is all 1:1 – dollars for time – it can be limiting. There are only so many hours in a day, so once you max out, you need to find a way to scale… raise your prices, hire a team, etc. You can also add some passive income streams or some one-to-many offerings. Whatever your approach is, think long-term as far as scaling goes.

Ready to regain control over your business?

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7 Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm in Your Business
Feeling stressed in your business? Trying to do #allthethings for #allthepeople around you?  Here are 7 steps you can take to break through from your overwhelm without sacrificing your success! Plus, grab our free business breakthrough guide to help you ditch the overwhelm! 

I used to be so overwhelmed with my business, that I didn't even know how to enjoy down time, because I never had any. I was stressed to the point of getting heart palpitations, and didn't know how to break free. I felt I was drowning in work, and didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

If that sounds familiar, know that there's hope! You can overcome the overwhelm! But trying "harder" doing the same things you're doing isn't going to cut it. 

You need to make a change, and make it NOW — before you burn out! 

Rather watch than read? Scroll down for the video or view in YouTube

How did I even end up here?

When we think of running our own business, we dream of the freedom we'll have. That freedom can be stripped from us if we're not intentional with our businesses. The problem is, we're wearing too many hats. We have so much on our plate, we often don't know where to start, and it keeps us from being productive. We don't have the capacity for any more clients, but we're not making enough to get by. We have ideas on how to scale our business, but no time to plan it out.

Is that you? Don't miss our #takebackyourbiz summit and challenge October 30 – November 9 to help you find more freedom, joy and growth in your business without sacrificing your success!

How can I break free?

1. Complete a task audit

Evaluate where your time and effort is going, so you can be sure you're working on the most important tasks and things that are giving you a return on your [time] investment. Use a time tracker like Toggl or Harvest to track how you're spending your time. See what can be cut out, delegated to a team member, or put off for a later time. Some things that you think are critical (*ahem — posting to Instagram 5x a day and interacting on Facebook all day long), may not be what's driving your business forward. By focusing your effort on a few key tasks, rather than spreading yourself thin, you'll scale your business a lot faster and stronger!

Want more help deciding what to cut out and what to keep? Grab our free Business Breakthrough workbook below! 


Next, learn how to make more for less effort — which can be done a few ways!

2. Add Passive Income!

Diversifying your income — and adding something passive — will allow you to make money in your sleep, for minimal efforts once it's in place! This could be in the form of an ebook, evergreen course, template shop, product shop, etc. Set it up once and let it run itself! If your business is a 1:1, money for time business model, you definitely should look into adding some passive income!

3. Sell more to your current audience

Why spend tons of hours marketing to new clients when you could sell more to your existing clients?! They already know, like and trust you. Think of ways to meet their needs in other ways. If you're a designer, try adding ongoing retainer design work. If you do 1:1 coaching, add a group program! If you have all group programs, add a high-level 1:1 option. Ask your current clients what they need and want, so you're sure to create something that'll sell.

4. Run a Marketing Campaign

This may sound like it contradicts #3 of selling to former clients, but running a marketing campaign can be a great way to land new clients that are old followers! Trying to target a new/cold audience with ads probably won't get you too far. But creating a hyped-up, fun campaign to your followers can turn window-shoppers into buyers! Perhaps some of your followers have been sucking up all of your free content, a webinar, challenge or promotional event could seal the deal for them! Don't be afraid to go big and theme it around something like a holiday, your business anniversary, Boss's Day, your birthday, etc. Pro tip: Add a giveaway component to your marketing campaign to help it go viral and gain more interest!

5. Raise your prices

I once had a long-term client that I was so scared to tell I was raising my prices. I'd raised them for all of my new clients, but was afraid of losing her. Once I sent the email, she wrote back “congratulations”! I think she realized my value and was proud of me for stepping into it. I don’t know why I was so scared! Sure, you may lose some clients (and I'm NOT saying to jump from $1000 packages to $5000 in one month), but that'll just free up your time for building out passive income, a new offer or a marketing campaign.

6. Set up systems

Use Dubsado to automate your onboarding, ConvertKit to automate your email campaigns, Calendly to automate your scheduling, and to batch and schedule your social media, etc! There are thousands of programs like these out there to help you stay organized and efficient... and many of them have free options for the base package! You can also create email templates for any canned responses you find you're sending over and over again. Better yet, set up an FAQ page to direct your audience to, so they find the answers before even having to message you! 

7. Hire a team

I know this sounds counterintuitive when you’re struggling to make enough money as-is. However, when you start hiring things out, you’ll free up your time to work on things that only you can do, or to create those other streams of income we’re talking about. I tried avoiding this one in the past, and it lead me down the quick path to burnout! I also know I'm not as strong or fast as the experts, so hiring out tasks will get them done better, which will lead to faster growth. Find a way to make it happen, whether that's through a trade of service, cutting back on other expenses, or signing one more client each month! 

Ready to find more success with less stress? Don't miss our #takebackyourbiz summit and challenge October 30 – November 9!

The key is to make time for working on these things. If you fill your schedule to the max, you’ll never have time to work on new offerings, search for the perfect team member or implement systems.

And if you need help determining what you should be hiring out, what you can cut back on, and how you can proceed without the overwhelm, I really encourage you to download my free business breakthrough guide!

Why You Should Prioritize Yourself Over Your Clients

You want to serve your clients and customers, right? I mean, who doesn't! We all know how important it is to create an amazing client experience and customer journey. Reviews and testimonials can be the turning point for converting prospects to purchasers. Raving fans can be your best marketing tactic. 

But here's a little secret... you need to stop prioritizing your clients FIRST. *gasp* I know, this isn't the norm, but hear me out.

Watch the video below for more, or scroll down for the notes.

I used to be the type that would take on every project that came my way, answering emails at all hours into the night, working late nights and weekends and constantly taking on everything that came my way. I thought I was serving my clients as best possible by doing this. Boy was I wrong!

The best way to serve your clients is to actually prioritize yourself & your business first. If you're constantly putting your clients and customers first above yourself and your business, here's what could happen:

1. You Risk Burnout

Have you ever tried to pour a glass of milk or a bowl of cereal, only to discover there were only a few drops left? You can't pour from an empty container. In the same way, if you're constantly pouring yourself into your clients, and never being refilled, you'll run dry. You can't keep working that hard for that long before you eventually crash... and then you won't be able to serve your clients at all!

2. Your Work Will Suffer

When you're always prioritizing your clients, often taking rush projects and working long hours, you're going to be tired and stressed. The quality of your work will suffer if you're too drained and overwhelmed to focus. You can't be the most creative, work with quality or finish things on time if you're dragging through the day. Eventually, your clients will pick up on your poor state of mind and it'll reflect poorly on your business.

3. Your Home Life May Suffer

If you're answering emails on holidays or doing client work during family time, your loved ones may come to resent your business. Trust me from experience, your clients aren't more important than your family. It can wait. And if you do need to do some projects during your "off" hours, just make sure you have strong communication with your family throughout the process.

4. You May End Up in a Feast or Famine Cycle

With my former design business, Legacy Loft, I got so busy with client work and was growing so fast that I had to stop marketing myself. I was so consumed with design projects and deadlines, that I had no time for networking, blogging or even social media. The problem was, when I'd finish those projects, I'd be left scrambling to find new clients to fill my schedule — rushing to market myself and get in front of new prospects. This feast or famine cycle can be avoided if you leave enough space in your schedule to make time for your business.

You want to know that you have clients booked out for the next few months. You need a plan for what offers are coming next, what your marketing is going to entail and how you're going to execute that. This way you'll be sure to always have people buying from you. Ultimately you'll be so much happier when you have some breathing room.

5. You Will Get Behind on the Business Side

If you're constantly doing client & customer projects, calls and meetings, your back end is going to get chaotic. Keeping your finances and receipts organized is critical, so that when tax time comes you're not scrambling to track down expenses from months ago. What about your contracts & legal? You want to ensure it's all up to date. Keeping up with your website is also important to ensure your links are working and that your copy is relevant or your portfolio shows your latest work. 

How to Make Time for Your Business

You may be wondering how you can get to the point where you can work on your business. Perhaps you're already in over your head with clients and customers. Here are a few tips:

1. Raise your prices. With the extra income you can hire a team to handle some of your responsibilities. Yes, you may scare away some customers who can no longer afford you, but that's ok. That will just free up your time to serve your current clients more and be able to plan for long-term success.

2. Schedule it in. By intentionally carving out time to work on your business, you won’t be as tempted to fill every hour with client work. Place your “business time” on your calendar as a recurring event so you’ll be sure to preserve that time. (Here are some tips for how to schedule your week).

3. Work with a plan. Rather than working on your launch or marketing content on a whim, grab one of our Bosscation planners to strategically work through your next launch plan or quarterly content. Being efficient and intentional with your time will take you much farther than working without a plan week after week.

Need Help Implementing This?

I have three more videos and posts on this topic to help you set client & customer boundaries, how to schedule time for working on your business, and what you should be working on during that time.

If you're ready to get started on these changes today, grab my checklist of 80 tasks you should be working on to ensure long-term success for your business. Don't worry, they don't all need to be done at once! 


80 Tasks to Ensure Long-Term Success

Are you neglecting your business to serve your clients? Grab our FREE checklist of 80 tasks you should be working on throughout the year to ensure your business has a solid foundation.