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Why You Should Prioritize Yourself Over Your Clients

You want to serve your clients and customers, right? I mean, who doesn't! We all know how important it is to create an amazing client experience and customer journey. Reviews and testimonials can be the turning point for converting prospects to purchasers. Raving fans can be your best marketing tactic. 

But here's a little secret... you need to stop prioritizing your clients FIRST. *gasp* I know, this isn't the norm, but hear me out.

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I used to be the type that would take on every project that came my way, answering emails at all hours into the night, working late nights and weekends and constantly taking on everything that came my way. I thought I was serving my clients as best possible by doing this. Boy was I wrong!

The best way to serve your clients is to actually prioritize yourself & your business first. If you're constantly putting your clients and customers first above yourself and your business, here's what could happen:

1. You Risk Burnout

Have you ever tried to pour a glass of milk or a bowl of cereal, only to discover there were only a few drops left? You can't pour from an empty container. In the same way, if you're constantly pouring yourself into your clients, and never being refilled, you'll run dry. You can't keep working that hard for that long before you eventually crash... and then you won't be able to serve your clients at all!

2. Your Work Will Suffer

When you're always prioritizing your clients, often taking rush projects and working long hours, you're going to be tired and stressed. The quality of your work will suffer if you're too drained and overwhelmed to focus. You can't be the most creative, work with quality or finish things on time if you're dragging through the day. Eventually, your clients will pick up on your poor state of mind and it'll reflect poorly on your business.

3. Your Home Life May Suffer

If you're answering emails on holidays or doing client work during family time, your loved ones may come to resent your business. Trust me from experience, your clients aren't more important than your family. It can wait. And if you do need to do some projects during your "off" hours, just make sure you have strong communication with your family throughout the process.

4. You May End Up in a Feast or Famine Cycle

With my former design business, Legacy Loft, I got so busy with client work and was growing so fast that I had to stop marketing myself. I was so consumed with design projects and deadlines, that I had no time for networking, blogging or even social media. The problem was, when I'd finish those projects, I'd be left scrambling to find new clients to fill my schedule — rushing to market myself and get in front of new prospects. This feast or famine cycle can be avoided if you leave enough space in your schedule to make time for your business.

You want to know that you have clients booked out for the next few months. You need a plan for what offers are coming next, what your marketing is going to entail and how you're going to execute that. This way you'll be sure to always have people buying from you. Ultimately you'll be so much happier when you have some breathing room.

5. You Will Get Behind on the Business Side

If you're constantly doing client & customer projects, calls and meetings, your back end is going to get chaotic. Keeping your finances and receipts organized is critical, so that when tax time comes you're not scrambling to track down expenses from months ago. What about your contracts & legal? You want to ensure it's all up to date. Keeping up with your website is also important to ensure your links are working and that your copy is relevant or your portfolio shows your latest work. 

How to Make Time for Your Business

You may be wondering how you can get to the point where you can work on your business. Perhaps you're already in over your head with clients and customers. Here are a few tips:

1. Raise your prices. With the extra income you can hire a team to handle some of your responsibilities. Yes, you may scare away some customers who can no longer afford you, but that's ok. That will just free up your time to serve your current clients more and be able to plan for long-term success.

2. Schedule it in. By intentionally carving out time to work on your business, you won’t be as tempted to fill every hour with client work. Place your “business time” on your calendar as a recurring event so you’ll be sure to preserve that time. (Here are some tips for how to schedule your week).

3. Work with a plan. Rather than working on your launch or marketing content on a whim, grab one of our Bosscation planners to strategically work through your next launch plan or quarterly content. Being efficient and intentional with your time will take you much farther than working without a plan week after week.

Need Help Implementing This?

I have three more videos and posts on this topic to help you set client & customer boundaries, how to schedule time for working on your business, and what you should be working on during that time.

If you're ready to get started on these changes today, grab my checklist of 80 tasks you should be working on to ensure long-term success for your business. Don't worry, they don't all need to be done at once! 


80 Tasks to Ensure Long-Term Success

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