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How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis in Your Business

C'mon, text me back! I was sitting in the fitting room, waiting for Illiah to respond. I'd sent her pictures of every outfit option for our Elevate & Cultivate photoshoot and wouldn't purchase anything until I had her stamp of approval. There were so many options, how could I ever decide on my own? Analysis paralysis had overtaken me. 

Indecision in your business is a lot more serious than just choosing an outfit. Every minute wasted on mulling over choices is time that could’ve been spent growing your business or bringing in revenue. What's even worse is when you put time into one thing, only to change your mind and start over with something else. 

You need to find the root of the problem to help you overcome indecision. Are you a perfectionist that won't settle for anything less than the best? That will keep you stuck! Have you been criticized for a decision you'd made in the past, so now you want others to make decisions for you? Don't let others affect your choices. Do you lack confidence in yourself? Learn to trust your instincts and press forward with what you've set your mind on.

If you struggle with indecision and trying to make the perfect choice, this video is for you!

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Do you struggle to make decisions? 

Forget the typical pros and cons list... here's how you really make a decision! It's all about asking the right questions and weighing your pros and cons according to their importance! Download the free decision-making guide below!