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Social Media Goals and Strategy Tips for Online Entrepreneurs with Rachel Sandall

Feel like you're shouting to the void with your social media? Not getting the results you're looking for? Sounds like you could use a social media strategy!

I recently had the chance to talk with social media strategist Rachel Sandall of InHouss and Sandall Social. She shared some awesome #truthbombs on how to set goals and create a strategy for your social media.

Rather than just posting so you can check it off your to-do list, you need to be purposeful in what tactics you're using and where you're posting. Rachel is all about using your analytics to track what's working, where your audience is coming from, and how to know what content to post. If you're not checking your stats, how do you know what to post more of? Perhaps the post that drew in the most email subscribers was something you just posted to be authentic, not expecting to draw in a crowd? You'll never know unless you're tracking your analytics!

One way to do this, which I think is genius, is to use to create shortened URL's for your social media posts, especially if you're using Linktree. has pretty in-depth analytics, so you can track your traffic much better than Linktree. Or, if you're sharing the same link to multiple different posts from Facebook or Instagram, you can use a separate URL to track exactly which post had the most engagement! This is a great way to test out Facebook ads or promo posts before spending money on ads!!

**Skeptical about clicking or other shortened links from strangers? One of my readers suggested you use this tool to check the link to ensure it's safe before you click it: ** 

Rachel's biggest tip for a strategic marketing plan is getting to know your audience. If you want to reach the most of your ideal clients, you must know where they're hanging out and what kind of content they're consuming! If you're not sure, you can track your analytics (I told you that was important), and also look at your competition. Sure, you don't want to straight up copy everything your competition is doing — who knows if it's working for them —but looking at the posts and platforms they're getting engagement on is a great place to start. Think about industry influencers that your audience follows, then see what tactics and platforms they're using.

Make sure you watch the video to grab all of the social goodness from Rachel's interview!

You can find Rachel at: and

She has also provided a free Social Media Strategy for Solopreneurs Mini-Course.: