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Maximize Your Marketing Impact with Minimal Input

Let’s face it, the content struggle is real! Writing blog posts, crafting the perfect Instagram captions and recording videos can take up a huge chunk of your week. And while content supports your business in so many ways — boosts your SEO, helps grow your list and audience, gains you credibility, etc — it’s not so important that it should take up all of your time!

What are you to do?

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Here are some tips for maximizing your content impact while minimizing your input.

Marketing content is so important for your small business growth! But writing blogs, recording videos, editing podcasts and posting to social media can be super time-consuming! Use these tips to make your content creation process faster, easier and more efficient so you're not wasting hours of every week on your marketing. Read how to maximize your marketing impact with minimal input on the Bosscation blog:

1. Determine Your Most Impactful Platforms

Check your analytics and conversions to see where you’re getting your best engagement, traction and paying customers. Take a look at your followers to ensure they’re your ideal clients. If you find that a certain platform isn’t performing for you or isn’t attracting the right people (and you’ve tested it for enough time), then you may want to nix that platform.

Example: A photographer whose Instagram is only attracting other photographers either needs to change their captions & hashtags, or find another platform… there’s no sense in building a following filled with more competitors than clients!

2. Make Use of Your Strengths

if you’re super slow with one type of content, it might be time to switch things up. Kathryn of Modern Planner discovered that she could record and edit videos much faster than she could write blog posts, and she saved a ton of time after switching to video content. Some people find that recording their voice into an app to write their blog posts is easier typing. Or maybe you’re fast at writing but spend hours trying to “wing it” on camera, so any videos you record need a script and a teleprompter. Try out a few different types of content creation to determine your strengths.

3. Repurpose, Repost & Reword!

No need to reinvent the wheel for every platform! Did you write an awesome email blast? Pull quotes from it for your Instagram and Twitter! Did you write a powerful blog post? Dive deeper into that topic on a Facebook live. Have your videos transcribed and turned into an email blast or blog post! You can also repost older content with your audience on #throwbackthursday! Not everyone is going to see every piece of content you create, so it’s OK to repurpose, repost and reword!

4. Schedule and Batch Your Content

You wouldn’t miss a scheduled call with a client, because it’s on your calendar and you’ve prioritized it. You should also schedule the time that you’ll be working on your content… even better if you can batch create and get into a good flow. By blocking out time on your calendar for your content, you’ll make sure you’re not spending countless hours creating, but you also won’t neglect it until the last minute.

5. Hire a Team

So going back to #2, you need to look at your strengths. If there’s something you struggle with, or it takes you forever, you may want to consider hiring it out. Now, the tasks you hire out don’t have to relate to content. If you’d prefer to write, record, edit and post everything yourself, then hire out other tasks in your business like client onboarding, customer service, sales, email management, etc. Delegate the things that others can do better or faster than you!

6. Set Up Systems

Create templates, outlines, schedules, etc. for making your content creation easier. I used to spend 8 hours writing blog posts because I'd change my topic/focus a million times as I wrote. Once I started outlining my content first, I cut my writing time by about 80% (and my content has a plan & purpose)! **Psst… steal my content planning structure here** Some people set up workflows in Asana or Trello that walk them through all of the steps they need to take; others have software and apps that help them streamline (I looooove, for scheduling my Instagram & Facebook posts… they will auto-post for me)!

Time to Take Action with your Content!

Plan strategic content with ease using our Content That Converts strategy guide! 120+ pages of planning and strategizing. Take the guess work out of what to write and record! 

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From Writers Block to Idea Overload: Stop Wasting Time on These Six Content Setbacks
Writers block? Idea overload? What content setbacks are keeping you from creating blogs, video, social media posts and email newsletters? Learn how to determine your marketing setbacks so you can write or film more efficiently and faster! 

You know you should be creating content as a small business owner — blog posts, videos, email newsletters, social media posts — but phew, it can be overwhelming to keep up with! Creating all that content could easily take up half of your work week, leaving you little time to be productive with your client priorities and building your business.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but it used to take me 8 hours to write a blog post… and I tried to blog at least once a week. That’s ONE-FIFTH of my work week, people! (Ok, more like 1/8th… I was working WAY more than 40 hours a week back then).  I blamed my slow writing skills on perfectionism and figured there was nothing I could do to change that. It’s just who I am… I can’t get myself to put out half-baked work.

When I dug a little deeper, I discovered my actual blogging bottleneck stemmed from writing without a plan or an outline. I was slow because I didn’t know what to write and would restart my blog over and over again. I’d wait until the end to decide on a title for my post, which meant I didn’t have a clear direction as I wrote. Now that I’ve learned to start with a “promise” in my headline and then outline how I’ll deliver on that promise, I can write a blog post in under an hour!

Want to produce higher quality content in a shorter amount of time? Ready to actually enjoy writing or creating videos?

It’s time to break down your content setbacks… and they might not be what you think they are!

You may think you dread recording videos because you don’t like how you look on camera, when in reality, you may just need higher quality lighting and video equipment.

You may think your writer’s block stems from not knowing what to say, but perhaps you really suffer from imposter syndrome and fear coming across as a fraud.

The trick to discovering your true content setbacks is to dig one step deeper than what’s on the surface.

My 3-year-old nephew is the king of asking, why… why… why? Ask yourself, “What’s holding me back or slowing me down with my content creation.” Then ask, “why” and “why” again! Sounds so simple, but it’ll help you get to the root of your content woes so you can work faster, more efficiently, and enjoy it along the way.

Here are some of the biggest setbacks I see with content creation, and some solutions you can try.

1. Perfectionism

You won’t post anything live until it’s perfect… every Instagram image needs to flow, every blog post needs to be impactful, every video needs an awesome intro and outro animation. Tweaking things until they meet your high standards can be a huge waste of time. While I’m not encouraging you to post sloppy work or veer off-brand just for the sake of posting, you need to stop wasting time trying to be perfect. Here are some suggestions:

  • Set a timer for yourself so you don’t spend hours creating and tweaking
  • Hire a professional to handle the things you’re not as good at or that take you too long
  • Remember that done is better than perfect, and your audience might not even notice the little changes you’re looking to implement


2. Imposter syndrome

While you’re supposed to be the “expert,” you instead feel like a fraud and it keeps you from creating content. Either you spend far too much time researching, to make sure you don’t sound like a fool, or you freeze up on what to say at all. You fear the judgement, which keeps you from posting what you’d like to put out.

  • Remember that there are always people who know less than you, have less experience than you or do things different than you
  • Your followers follow you for a reason… because you’re at least one step ahead of them
  • What may come easy to you and seem like basic knowledge may be foreign to your audience
  • The more you post content and put yourself out there, the more confidence you’ll get
  • Never stop learning and growing, but set a limit for yourself so you don’t spend more time researching than taking action


3. You don’t know what to say

Writer’s block… Lack of inspiration… there are lots of reasons why you may not know what to say or post. Perhaps you feel you’ve already talked about everything there is to know about your topic. Or maybe your current content hasn’t been reaching people so you aren’t sure what changes you need to make. Then there are those who aren’t sure how to use your content to drive sales without sounding like a used car salesman.

  • Survey your audience to get to know their needs, questions and desires
  • Do a brain dump of everything you could talk about on your topic
  • Write down what you DO know and what makes your offer/brand unique
  • Brainstorm personal stories and experiences that you could share with your audience

Download our free story bank workbook to help you with ideas


4. You have too much to say

Do you suffer from idea overload for your blog, videos and social media posts? Perhaps you have a huge story bank, but just don’t know what will make the biggest impact and actually drive sales.

  • Survey your audience to see which of your content ideas align with your clients’ needs, questions and desires
  • Pick one offer to promote per month and choose topics that relate to that offer
  • Work backwards from your freebies, tripwires and main offers to choose topics that will support those

This tends to be one of the most common setbacks for my clients, so I did a Facebook Live about how to overcome idea overload! Watch here!


5. Fear of judgement

Similar to imposter syndrome, the fear of judgement is a mental battle that we often face. You might not like your writing style, brand “voice,” or actual voice on camera. Perhaps you’re afraid of friends and family viewing your content and not understanding your business.

  • Learn to ignore the trolls and negative sources in your life… haters gonna hate, so don’t let it get to you
  • Focus on your clients and the value you can provide
  • Start with one platform to build your confidence and slowly add others


6. Not enough time

So you feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to create the content you’d like to produce, right? Your to-do list is a mile long and you have other priorities besides just writing blogs, making videos and posting to social media.

  • Hire a professional to handle the things you’re not as good at or that take you too long
  • Batch create your content to save time
  • Set systems in place to help you work faster
  • Block out time on your calendar specifically for content creation

Creating blogs, videos and social media is a great way to connect with your audience, gain their trust and draw traffic to your website. However, if you’re spending too much time on content creation, you’re missing out on critical business-building priorities. Learning to be more efficient with your content creation is critical!


Ready to overcome your content setbacks and start creating content that converts?  Plan strategic content with ease using our Content That Converts strategy guide! 120+ pages of planning and strategizing. Take the guess work out of what to write and record! 

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