The Beauty of Outsourcing to Uplevel Your Business

Guest Post by: Kendra Chambers, Co-Founder of Humble & Whole

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, outsourcing can free up your time to work on only the most important tasks. 

Imagine sitting down at your desk, opening your laptop to discover a short to-do list.  You’re able to focus on serving your clients throughout the day, enjoying your meetings with happy clients who are pleased with your latest work.  After the last client meeting of the day, you answer a few emails, review the progress of your latest project and then close your laptop before dinner.  You feel pleased and grateful that the most important work of the day is done and your clients are beyond happy.

Does your typical workday look and feel this way?

Or does it play out something like this?

You sit down at your desk, open your laptop and take a deep breath to brace yourself for the day.  Your to-do list includes client work, writing the blog post that you planned to publish yesterday, interacting and posting on social media, and those updates to your website you’ve been pushing to the back burner for the past 2 months.

You diligently switch from one task to the next, but it’s hard to get into a productive rhythm.  At the end of the day you’ve only gotten 3 things done from what seems like an impossibly long list and it’s another day of pushing projects to the backburner.

So how do you go from busy and flustered to living out your dream workdays as an entrepreneur?

The solution is outsourcing.

There is only so much that we can do alone as entrepreneurs.

And if you’re ready to uplevel your business to experience freedom, joy, and shorter work days that are actually productive, you’re going to have to unload some of the tasks on your plate.

So why should you outsource?

So you can focus on revenue-generating activities.

In order to uplevel your business, you have to spend your precious time on the tasks that will actually move your business forward.  

Known as revenue-generating activities, these tasks allow your business to grow exponentially:

  • extending invitations for discovery calls and connection calls
  • writing or refining sales copy
  • writing email nurture sequences and sales funnels
  • conducting market research
  • following up with warm leads
  • creating lead magnets
  • beta testing new offers and programs

Revenue generating activities are so valuable that they should be in your top 3 priorities for the day.  


If you got nothing else done for the day except revenue generating activities, you would have allocated your time and energy to the tasks that carry the most weight in your business.

You have space and freedom to enjoy your lifestyle

In order to uplevel your business, you have to spend your precious time on the tasks that will actually move your business forward. Learn the importance of, and how to get started with, outsourcing. 

Naturally, when you focus on revenue-generating activities and client work, a 10 or 12 hour workday can become a 4 or 5 hour workday, giving you the time and freedom to actually live your dream work day.  

It’s completely possible to fully unplug during the weekend, close your laptop before dinner, and feel confident that your business is running smoothly.  

Outsourcing to a trusted, assistant or team is essential to your freedom because as your business grows, the workload is only going to increase.

You get to operate in your zone of genius

Chances are you are so passionate about the work you do that you decided to make a business out of it.  When you started, you probably weren’t thinking about all the other tasks included in business like the bookkeeping, marketing, emails, branding, etc.  

You were super excited about doing what you love.  

Naturally, you have to define what success means to you, but shouldn’t you be able to experience days where you get to focus on what you love?  

The beauty of outsourcing the tasks that don’t light you up is that you get to focus more closely on what does.

We don’t have to be the best at everything to be successful entrepreneurs.

For example, as a digital marketing strategist, it doesn’t take long for me to create a social media strategy for my clients because I’m naturally good at it.

For me, there’s nothing better than reverse engineering my client’s business goals and identifying the daily, weekly, and monthly action steps that need to take place on social media to meet those goals.

My clients profit tremendously from my expertise, because they don’t have to waste time researching the latest social media strategies and software, nor do they have to worry about reverse engineering their goals to create a successful marketing plan.

Getting prepared to outsource

So you may be thinking, ok outsourcing to create my dream day in business sounds great, but I don’t even know how to get started.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be complicated.  

Write down the tasks that you love to do and make a list of the tasks that you’re not so crazy about.  Also take note of the projects or tasks that you keep falling behind on.

Spend some time making sure that you’ve documented the steps involved in completing those tasks so that your new team member can easily follow your workflow.

Now, take that list of tasks and create a description of the support you need in your business.  Then, share that description in a Facebook group where VAs or entrepreneurs hang out and you’ll begin to attract people who are more than happy to support you.  

Alternatively, you could share that description with people in your network who you trust to deliver a qualified referral.

So many entrepreneurs take pride in trying to do everything themselves, but the truth is that burnout is almost inevitable if you’re trying to run the show alone.  

The most successful, organized, and productive entrepreneurs understand the beauty of outsourcing and building a reliable team.

Your dream lifestyle and business are not going to manifest by accident.  It starts by intentionally creating space and freedom to do what you love by outsourcing.


Kendra is the co-founder of Humble & Whole, a digital marketing agency that helps female entrepreneurs build online communities that are both meaningful and profitable. She is on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs to share their voice and offerings confidently so that they can make a greater impact and create more income. Follow along with Kendra and her work at @humbleandwhole on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.