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How to Create Strategic & Streamlined Content

Ready to create content that converts your viewers into buyers — without it sucking the life out of you? Join us for a free webinar where we'll be sharing how to create strategic content with ease. We'll walk you through how to create a story bank of ideas that effectively reach your audience, decide which content to post (and to what platforms), how to repurpose content, and best practices for streamlining your process so it doesn't take all of your time.

The webinar has ended. Follow us on Instagram for updates for future presentations.

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Do you struggle with content creation?

Are you creating blogs, emails or videos because you "should" — without a plan or a purpose?

Do you ask yourself weekly, "What am I going to write about today?"

Do you feel stuck when it comes to content creation?

Are you overwhelmed with all that goes into content creation: tech, process, time to create it, graphics, finding photos, etc?

Do you tackle your content on an as-available basis rather than planning it out and scheduling ahead of time?


If this sounds like you,

It's time to #takebackyourcontent!

Writing blog posts, recording videos, posting to social media, sending email newsletters — whew! The good news is, creating content doesn't have to be a struggle! With the right strategy, you'll know exactly what you should be posting, and to which platforms, so you can effectively lead your audience from window shopper to loyal follower to buyer. Then with the right systems, you'll post content with ease, rather than struggling to keep up week after week.



  • Draw in the right people and speak the right things to them
  • Ensure your content is actually leading towards sales
  • Choose the right goals for your content, to determine the platforms and tactics that are best for you
  • Create a story bank of ideas that support your products & services


  • Learn the tools & tech that'll keep you organized
  • Determine the best times for you to post
  • Create a system for creating the graphics & visual elements
  • Learn how to effectively repurpose content
  • Find solutions for your content obstacles that have been holding you back

Meet Your Hosts

Strategy: Lauren Black of Bosscation


Lauren Black is a creative strategist who helps female entrepreneurs gain more success with less stress. After overcoming burnout in her brand design business, Lauren is now dedicated to keeping entrepreneurs out of overwhelm and aligned with their purpose. Her business, Bosscation, creates physical business planners to help entrepreneurs DIY their business strategies and take action on their ideas.

Systems: Cami Williams of VAology


Cami is a virtual assistant and small business solutions provider. She loves helping entrepreneurs optimize their businesses with effective content, efficient processes and automation, and beautiful design. She loves building relationships, inspiring proactive progress, and offering world class support to hard working female entrepreneurs. 


KEY Takeaways

We're all about taking action and getting results, so participants will receive a free workbook to get the most out of the webinar. No need to frantically scribble notes or take screen shots — just listen in and follow along!

Then get ready for more strategic and streamlined content

  • Create goals for your content to ensure it's effective
  • Tackle the obstacles that are holding you back

  • Determine which platforms to focus on — and how often to post

  • Learn how to repurpose and create spin-off content
  • Create a story bank of ideas that will lead toward sales

  • Select the tools or systems to help you simplify and speed up your content creation
  • Create a plan of action for moving forward

Note: those who stay through the end will be eligible for an amazing content bundle, combining strategy from Bosscation with support from VAology. There will be a limited number of bundles available, and they won't be offered anywhere else, so don't miss out! While we will have a replay of the webinar available for a limited time, the content bundle will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The webinar will be limited to 100 participants, so make sure to save your seat!