Hi friend! I'm prepping to go on maternity leave mid June through September. I'd love to fill my blog queue with guest posts to cover me while I'm out. 

I'll be pre-scheduling the posts to go live throughout my maternity leave, including pre-scheduled email blasts and social media posts to promote the article.

About You:

I'm looking for guest posts from small business owners who have been in business full-time for at least a year or part-time for at least two years. I'd prefer those who have a strong understanding of business processes and can share educational/informative pieces or personal stories/experiences.

About my audience:

My audience is mostly women ages 25-44. They consist of 80% service-based business owners, 15% product-based business owners and 5% other (MLM, brick & mortar, etc). They're creative, eager to learn & grow, determined, busy and empathetic.


If selected, your blog content, bio and headshot will be due to me by June 15. If you cannot make that deadline, please still apply — we'll work something out!

Feel free to include a link to a related freebie that you'd like to promote. 

Guest posters agree to share the post with their audience on at least one social platform and their email list once it's live (the email can be just a mention — it does not have to be an individual email).

For SEO purposes, the content must be original and remain original to my blog (so you cannot repost the same article to any other blog or platform after). You are, however, permitted to rewrite something you've already written to make it fresh. You're also encouraged to post a link to the article on other sites & social media.

Suggested Topics:

  • Working ON your business, not just IN your business
  • Your personal experience with taking a solo business retreat
  • Your personal experience with taking a Bosscation (for those who have purchased a Bosscation guide)
  • Business strategy tips — general small business, social media, email marketing, content, finances, etc.
  • Business organization, systems, batching or streamlining
  • Tips on taking action and implementing what you've learned in courses, conferences, coaching, etc.
  • Overcoming burnout or obstacles in your business
  • Goal-setting and keeping

Please complete the following application. If your entry is accepted, your final content, bio and headshot will be due by June 15th. 

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The final title can be submitted by the June 15th deadline.