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Path to Purpose Strategic Planning Guide

The multi-passionate's guide to finding your focus and profiting from your passions

Do you suffer from idea overload and aren't sure which of your many great ideas to pursue? Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur with potential to a variety of things? Or perhaps you've lost the passion for your business and need a change... a way to make more, but work less.

Should you grow your team and hire things out so you can pursue multiple paths? Should you add passive income or start that group program you've been dreaming of?

You've probably tried juggling multiple business or building out several ideas at once... but that just makes for slow growth for everything and takes your focus away from any one project.

You've spent so long building out your ideas that you'd hate to pivot now, but you know something needs to change.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could...

  • Deep-dive into your past, personality and passions to find the best path for you
  • Finally decide which of your many ideas is the best one to pursue (at least for now... don't worry, you don't have to ditch your unused ideas forever)
  • Create a life and business you love that keeps you motivated to producing great work
  • Grow your business from referrals because of providing said great work
  • Align your personal and professional goals so you can take action steps towards accomplishing them
  • Feel like your life and work have purpose
  • Renew your love for your business

The good news is... now you can!

Introducing The "Path to Purpose" Strategic Planning Guide

The Path to Purpose planning guide is near and dear to my heart. I walk you through the very questions I asked myself to discover my true strengths, my strongest personality traits and my deep passions in order to fall back in love with my business.

We start with deep diving into your heart and soul, developing your "nucleus" or core values — these are your non-negotiables that everything else revolves around. From there, we'll dig into your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes to determine how to choose the best idea for your personality, and build a unique point of differentiation.

Even if you love what you do, it's important to love how you do it, where you do it from, and who you do it for. This guide will open your eyes to how you can set yourself up for success and staying passionate in your business. That way, you can produce your best work, which will turn your customers into raving fans, which will inspire even better work — and your business will gain momentum organically, keeping you motivated to push on past the hustle.

The guidebook is a physical planner so you can break free from your digital distractions to hash out your ideas. Science has proven that the act of writing triggers creativity and focus in the brain. Plus, you can take your workbook with you anywhere — a coffee shop, Airbnb, the pool, a hotel — wherever you do your best thinking!

This workbook is like 70+ pages of seriously creative, challenging, brilliant questions and exercises to help you go through everything from clarifying who your ideal client is to drilling down on the purpose of your business and product, and from marketing tactics to planning out the specific steps to take to get you where you need to be. I can't say enough about how valuable this was — a real game changer for us in our biz! – Cami Williams, VAology

$87 + Free Shipping!

All sales are final. Ships within USA only.

*Photos depicted are representative of the general format of the planning guides, not necessarily the exact planning guide displayed

So what's actually in the book?

Planning Sections

  • Nucleus Principle: Discover your non-negotiables, what everything else in your life and business will revolve around

  • Strengths  Finder: Dig into your past, passions and personality to discover what unique traits set you apart
  • Vision Casting: Look deep into what you want your life and business to look like in 1 and 5 years
  • Idea Comparison: Determine which ideas are a good fit for the above, and which you can ditch
  • Boundaries: Set boundaries for your life and business to keep you aligned with your nucleus & core values
  • Action Steps: Discover how you can apply what you've learned to your business and what your next steps should be

Section Introduction Pages

While most pages of the book are filled with thought-provoking, guided questions and brainstorming, each section starts with an informational page to provide insight and examples into the main topic for that section. These are the "teaching" pages while the rest are the "doing" pages.


What People are Saying

We think our planners are pretty awesome, but don't just take our word for it! Here's what our clients have to say:

jamie-lynn-weeks-launch-your-signature-offer-strategy-guide-testimonial copy.jpg

Jamie-Lynn Weeks, Joy & Coffee

"I knew I needed to take some time away from my clients to focus on my own business needs, but I didn't really have a vision for what to do during that time. This material helped me hone in on my main goals and break them down in a way that was manageable AND put things into motion."


Allie Nimmons, Shade Collective

"I found it extremely helpful in just having to write down these ideas, my mission statement, my target market and why they need it, the black and white facts of what I’m offering and to whom and how often. It helped me prioritize my one non-negotiable and since then I’ve found it easier to maintain focus on that and not let my ideas and attention stray too much to add-ons. All in all, Lauren, this book is a godsend. It helped me organize so many of my thoughts and plans."

Leah Lynch Bosscation Testimonial

Leah Lynch, Business Strategist

I was shocked at the amount of content that was in this book when I started looking through it. I am a very detailed person and I just loved how much thought was put into it. Not only do you plan out your launch strategy in detail but Lauren also helps you fine tune your offer as well as your passion for what you are doing. This really helped my get all of though thoughts and ideas out of my head and on to paper making them fell so much more real and push me forward. I plan to use it for every offer I come up with form here on out!

$87 + Free Shipping!


Please note before purchasing: To keep the Bosscation strategy guides affordable, all purchases are non-refundable — I want to help as many business owners as possible grow strategically and find more freedom in their life. If your item is damaged or defective upon arrival, we'll be happy to replace it.

Ships within USA only.


Is the Path to Purpose Planner for me?

We want to ensure that the Path to Purpose Planner is a good fit for you before buying. Which list feels more like you?

It's Perfect for you if...

  • You've owned a business for at least 1 year
  • You're an ideas person and struggle to find your focus
  • You feel stuck or that  you've lost your passion in your business
  • You need to align your personal and professional goals
  • You're willing to take time away from the computer to work through the guide with your undivided attention

You should pass if...

  • You're a brand new business owner
  • You feel you have good boundaries set in place in your business
  • You feel aligned with your purpose and core values
  • You'd rather fit in your planning between tasks on a normal work day than dedicate your undivided attention to completing the strategy guide

Need Extra Support?

Action Plan

One 60-minute strategy call for after you've taken your Bosscation, to ensure you're ready to take action with your launch.

Planning Intensive

One 3-hour call OR three 1-hour calls for after your Bosscation to ensure your ideas are clear and ready for implementation. The ultimate 1:1 accountability and support.

Strategize Together Mastermind

A 12-week group mastermind** where we'll brainstorm, provide insight and strategize together on a weekly call. Make new biz besties as you prep your next product or service for launch. Find accountability and support through a private Facebook group.


* Strategy calls must be scheduled to take place between January 3, 2018 and May 15, 2018.

** The mastermind will be scheduled to start in January or February of 2018.  We will meet weekly for an hour over Zoom video conferencing. The call day and time will be determined by the availability of the members, but will fall between 10am - 4pm EST. 


Ready to find your focus? 

Let's deep dive into how you can profit from your passions!

$48 + Free Shipping!


Please note before purchasing: To keep the Bosscation strategy guides affordable, all purchases are non-refundable — I want to help as many business owners as possible grow strategically and find more freedom in their life. If your item is damaged or defective upon arrival, we'll be happy to replace it.

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Why Take a Bosscation?


Hey there! I'm Lauren Black, a creative strategist who helps entrepreneurs like you gain success with less stress. After overcoming burnout in myfirst business, I'm now dedicated to keeping entrepreneurs out of overwhelm and aligned with your purpose.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I found myself stretched in too many directions. I was busy running my first business, Legacy Loft, a brand strategy and design studio; and was also the co-founder of a community for design professionals called Elevate & Cultivate.

But building those businesses put me on the fast track to burnout. Suddenly I found myself working late into the night, not being present with friends or family, and still struggling to find time to get it all done — with no joy in sight.

So I took a weekend away from the computer with just a pen, paper and some dry erase markers. I found myself with ideas and clarity that I hadn’t had in months from one brainstorming session without the normal business day distraction. After several "aha" moments as I discovered my strengths, some holes in the marketplace, and the type of business that fits my personality the best, I knew I needed to recreate the experience for other business owners.

That’s when Bosscation was born — an offline experience to help you unplug and create your best ideas yet.