Create & Sell Bundle

Create & Sell Bundle

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Save 15% by buying the bundle! We've combined our popular Content That Converts strategic planning guide (physical) with our Value Ladder mini strategy guide (digital) for the ultimate funnel creation and promotion.

Plan your customer journey from your freemiums to your premiums, then market them to sell!

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Ready to plan out your value ladder of offers from your freebies to your premiums, then market them like a boss?

With our Create & Sell Bundle, you'll receive our Value Ladder Mini Strategy Guide (digital) and our Content That Converts Strategic Planning Guide (physical) — for a combined rate that saves you 15%!

First, create your sales funnel with our 15-page Value Ladder guide. Determine the best freebies, low-priced offers, core offers and premium offers to lead your clients through a smooth customer journey. Take them from viewer to buyer by taking them up your value ladder.

Then, create marketing content that leads to sales with our Content That Converts strategic planning guide! Plan your weekly & monthly content around your offers, tackling three months in one planner.

Once again, Lauren shows she knows her stuff in a power-packed mini-guide that will help you focus your value ladder and know exactly what you need for an effective funnel. — Sarah Arnold