Value Ladder Mini Strategy Guide

Value Ladder Mini Strategy Guide


Want to make more sales — and higher paying sales at that — while cutting back on marketing?

Creating a value ladder for your business will help you draw in the right clients and keep them coming back for more! Build trust and gain their loyalty with your lower-tier offers, then lead them up towards premium purchases.

Our Value Ladder Mini Strategy Guide will not only help you map out your value ladder, but it will do so strategically! Create a customer journey that keeps your clients coming back for more… making for more frequent and higher-paying sales from loyal customers (and requiring less marketing — yesssss!)

What makes our strategy guide so effective?

  • CLARITY: It asks the right questions to uncover what your clients really need

  • EFFECTIVE: It’s structured to ensure your lower-tier offers and freebies actually lead to your higher offers — #winning

  • EASY DECISIONS: It helps you narrow your millions of ideas to find the best offers to sell

  • STRUCTURED: It starts in the middle and works outward, rather than trying to start from the top down or the bottom up (like most value ladder guides)

  • LESS STRESS: It takes the struggle out of planning your value ladder on your own with just a simple worksheet

If you are having trouble figuring out the progression of offers in your business — from the very first lead magnet you offer your people to your most valuable, premium offering — this guide will get you there. — Lindsey Johnson, Verity & Co


  • 10 planning pages with questions and exercises to plan your value ladder

  • 3 teaching pages with case studies and guidance for creating your offers

  • 1 idea bank page with tips and ideas for your freebies, low-priced offers, tripwires, and premium offers

  • 1 sample of a complete value ladder

This mini-strategy guide was the perfect starting point for me to put some real work into creating lower tier and higher tier offers around my services. The final grid alone was tremendously helpful at putting everything into perspective and allowing me to see all of my current and future services in one place for easy reference. — Jacqueline Destremps, Another Hand Advantage

Note: This is a digital download, which will be emailed to you and will need to be downloaded within 24-hours.

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