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Ultimate Launch Strategic Planning Guide

A comprehensive action plan for fine-tuning your idea and creating a purposeful and profitable launch

So you have this big idea for your next offer — maybe it's a course, a new service package, a template shop, an event or a group program.

You’ve thought through some of it in your head, but in reality, you're overwhelmed with all of the details — how to plan it out, what to price it, and how to launch it. I mean, where do you even start?

You try to squeeze in some planning between client calls and checking emails, but at that rate, you won't be launching until man lands on Mars!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could...

  • Escape from your daily distractions to solely work on your launch
  • Get all of your ideas written down, organized and clarified
  • Have step-by-step instructions to walk you through your entire launch plan and to-do list
  • Receive strategies for marketing, pricing and scheduling your tasks
  • Plan out your entire launch in just a few dedicated sessions
  • Walk away feeling refreshed and empowered rather than stressed and nervous

The good news is... now you can!

Introducing The "Ultimate Launch" Strategic Planning Guide

The Ultimate Launch workbook is an in-depth, 80+ page guidebook that provides clarity, strategy and direction for your launch. It’s a comprehensive physical planner that will take you step-by-step through the launch planning process. 

It’s time to break free from your digital distractions to hash out your ideas. Science has proven that the act of writing triggers creativity and focus in the brain. Plus, you can take your workbook with you anywhere — a coffee shop, Airbnb, the pool, a hotel — wherever you do your best thinking!

This workbook is like 70+ pages of seriously creative, challenging, brilliant questions and exercises to help you go through everything from clarifying who your ideal client is to drilling down on the purpose of your business and product, and from marketing tactics to planning out the specific steps to take to get you where you need to be. I can't say enough about how valuable this was — a real game changer for us in our biz! – Cami Williams, VAology

$89 + Free Shipping!

All sales are final. Ships within USA only.

So what's actually in the book?

Planning Sections

  • Your Unique Offer: Plan your point of differentiation and ensure your offer aligns with your goals

  • Narrow Your Niche: Compare various audiences and determine who this is really made for
  • Craft Your Offer: Plan out the details of your product, service or event
  • Marketing: Determine your strategic plan for putting your offer into the world
  • Pricing: Calculate your cost and time commitments, then price your packages
  • Action Plan: Break down your to-do list into manageable pieces, then schedule them out

Section Introduction Pages

While most pages of the book are filled with thought-provoking, guided questions and brainstorming, each section starts with an informational page to provide insight and examples into the main topic for that section. These are the "teaching" pages while the rest are the "doing" pages.


What People are Saying

We think our planners are pretty awesome, but don't just take our word for it! Here's what our clients have to say:


Cami Williams, VAology

The guide book was phenomenal! The content helped us explore, dive into, sort through, and discover more about our business and launch than we ever expected and it really felt like it helped us uplevel our entire offering and launch plan. Having such an in depth, organized resource to go through page by page was huge for us - we would have been lost and wasting so much time without it! We will reference and reuse this book throughout the months and years to come. The bonus is that it gave us an excuse to plan a much-needed getaway!! We would not have taken such quality time to focus on ourselves or our biz without the Bosscation experience, so THANK YOU!!


Lyndsey Johnson, Verity & Co

The Ultimate Launch Strategic Planning Guide helped propel my idea into reality. At the time of taking my Bosscation, I had already formulated my offer and content and really just needed a hand getting all my ideas written down, organized, and a strategy planned out. This guide helped me do just that -- but I wish I would have had it sooner! Seriously, the content planning and marketing sections alone made this more than worthwhile for my upcoming launch! I LOVED the printed format and completing it by hand. I would never have potentially printed it out at home, so the pre-printed, mailed guide made it so much more fun and actionable. What makes it a "no-brainer" is that you get an ACTION plan for launching your next thing.


Alyssa Gordon, Alyssa Joy Co

If you've ever tried to launch anything (especially as a creative person) you know all those crazy ideas floating around your head need to be narrowed down, written down, added to a to do list and accomplished - that can be TOTALLY overwhelming! Bosscation's Ultimate Launch planner was a LIFESAVER for me! It helped me do just those things I said all in a beautiful guide that I could take away from the everyday digital distractions, sit down and concentrate on and iron out my launch plans! I am just a few weeks from launch and I couldn't be more excited and thankful for all Bosscation's help in making my launch what will hopefully be a booming success!

$89 + Free Shipping!


Please note before purchasing: To keep the Bosscation strategy guides affordable, all purchases are non-refundable — I want to help as many business owners as possible grow strategically and find more freedom in their life. If your item is damaged or defective upon arrival, we'll be happy to replace it.

Ships within USA only.


Is the Ultimate Launch Planner for me?

We want to ensure that the Ultimate Launch Planner is a good fit for you before buying. Which list feels more like you?

It's Perfect for you if...

  • You're familiar with terms like funnel, niche, content, opt-in

  • You have a general idea of what you're looking to launch

  • You're launching something within a current business, like a course, workshop, service, product, group program, or passive income

  • You're willing to dedicate time away from your computer to go through the planner

You should pass if...

  • The only funnels you know are kitchen utensils and cakes — and you're not quite sure what an opt-in is, what content means, or what a niche should be

  • You have a million ideas of things you'd like to launch and want to plan out all of them (Perhaps you'd be better starting with the Path to Purpose workbook)

Need Extra Support?

Book a 1:1 strategy call with Lauren!

Together, we’ll work through those tough decisions that are keeping you stuck, brainstorm the best strategy for you, and create your plan of action so you won’t have to approach this alone! Ditch the overwhelm and talk it out today!


Ready to Take Your Dreams from Ideas to Impact? 

Take action on your ideas and start strategically planning your launch!

$89 + Free Shipping!


Please note before purchasing: To keep the Bosscation strategy guides affordable, all purchases are non-refundable — I want to help as many business owners as possible grow strategically and find more freedom in their life. If your item is damaged or defective upon arrival, we'll be happy to replace it.

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Why Take a Bosscation?



  • Pouring your heart into your clients

  • Networking like a boss

  • Keeping up on social media

How will you ever get ahead in your business and plan for success?


Taking a Bosscation is all about breaking free from your daily distractions — especially digital ones — so you can brainstorm creatively, organize your thoughts, and take action on your ideas! This doesn’t mean you have to escape to a hotel room or lie on the beach with a cocktail as you work — though it totally could be. Your Bosscation could look like working from a coffee shop every morning or escaping to your office an hour before the kids get up.